A Look Back at Gemini’s Top 6 Architectural and Commercial Signage Project Highlights of 2023

Rewind back to our top 6 project highlights of 2023 featuring architectural signage, commercial signage, outdoor signage, entryway signage, acrylic, and metal signs.

Timeless Metal Lettering Makes a Statement

Metal lettering is a timeless choice for architectural and commercial signage and is often chosen for both its durability and its unique appearance. This project for a Gemini authorized partner, Vivid Signs & Graphics, featured fabricated stainless-steel letters and varying depths for added visual impact.

Aluminum office name plates and directional signage are available in polished silver and brushed bronze colors.

UV Colorlast: A Must-Have for Indoor and Outdoor Signs

UV Colorlast launched in 2023 quickly became a versatile must-have. It’s an ideal option for flat cut metal, acrylic, and plaque signage, backed by Gemini’s Lifetime Guarantee, UV Colorlast is resistant to fading, discoloration, and deterioration from exposure to harsh weather elements or UV exposure.

The flexibility in design options, as seen here in this project for one of Gemini’s partners, Media Marksmen, for Famous Archie’s. UV Colorlast allows for creative freedom to craft visually striking outdoor or indoor signage without worrying about the durability of the colors or materials. For signs with multiple color needs with intricate graphics, bold typography, or a combination of both, UV Colorlast is the way to go.

Aluminum office name plates and directional signage are available in polished silver and brushed bronze colors.

Acrylic Office Signage Blends Form and Function

From wayfinding plaques to office name plates, acrylic signage can be incorporated into commercial environments in a variety of ways. The flexibility of color, shape, and size made the material a top pick and stylish choice in 2023. This modern waiting area incorporated flat cut acrylic signage to adequately reflect the brand’s trendy aesthetic.


Going Bold with Special Laminate Office Signage

Customization and branding with laminate signage really makes a statement, especially when creative shapes are part of the project. There are a variety of laminate materials available, but for this project, we worked with Art Partners Group to special order a specific variety of laminate that could accommodate the size, cut, color, and finish of the cut-out dog design for this office space.


Craftsmanship Shines on Precision Tooled Plaques

Striking signage for the Big Island Lake Cree Nation Community Fire Hall. This project features a multi-faceted approach to metal lettering signage that combines both aesthetic appeal and practical materials for endurance. The design stands out for its sharp, clean lines and defined lettering, making it an excellent choice for the fire hall's exterior,

Complementing the aluminum lettering is a precision tooled plaque with an intricately etched 1/16 inch thick insert. The etching process used on stainless-steel plaques delivers precision and depth, allowing for intricate details and visual impact.


Soft Lighting, Big Impact with Lit Cast Metal Letters

A bespoke cast metal signage display for Roamstead rounds out our list of 2023 project highlights. Crafted from 1 ½ inch aluminum cast metal ensures the sturdiness required for exterior commercial signs and provides a wow factor when paired with warm white LED lights. The halo lighting accentuates the sign's three-dimensional aspect, adding depth and enhancing legibility against the dark backdrop of the building's exterior. Adding LED lighting with cast metal letters is a powerful design feature that leaves a lasting impression.


Ready to learn more about our services and resources for our signage partners? Check out our Resource library in Partner Portal where you will find helpful technical resources for Gemini products, including specifications, product drawings, mounting and installation instructions, and more.

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