At Gemini, our goal is to help our customers grow their businesses. The partnership we offer our customers begins with high quality, in-demand signage products and the best, most incredible, easy-to-work-with customer experience in the signage industry. But it doesn’t end there. In an attention economy, we know that expert advice and information is another key to winning. So the aim of the Gemini Blog is to provide you insights, new ideas, and compelling stories that will help you build and grow long-lasting, trusted relationships with your customers. Let’s grow your business together!

[CASES STUDY] A Multi-Order Project Perfect For Gemini

A Fast Multi-Order Project in Flat Cut Metal and Acrylic It can be difficult to meet tight deadlines, especially when working on a large, multi-order…

6 Helpful Installation Tips From An Installation Expert

Installing signage is an important aspect of communication and is critical for conveying information and promoting products or services. Installation requires preparation, communication, and a…

[CASE STUDY] 2 Bright Faux Neon Signs for Local Restaurant

Matching existing signage can be challenging, especially when finding an alternative to neon signage. Together with SIGNLite, learn how we worked together to provide their…

  • April 11, 2023
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47 Sign Projects to Spark Creativity for Your Next Project

Expertise and creativity are the building blocks of great sign projects. We created a gallery of 47 projects completed by our partners, made with Gemini…

  • March 13, 2023
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60 Years of Gemini and Beyond

As a model of hard work, treating people as they would like to be treated, and entrepreneurial spirit, Jim and Sharon Weinel pursued the American…

  • February 10, 2023
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What are Gemini’s Halo Lit Letters? Learn More About Our Impactful Signage

Gemini’s halo lit letters communicate messaging without overwhelming the environment. Take fabricated metal, cast metal, acrylic, and formed plastic letters and add UL-Certified LED lighting…

  • January 4, 2023
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