At Gemini, our goal is to help our customers grow their businesses. The partnership we offer our customers begins with high quality, in-demand signage products and the best, most incredible, easy-to-work-with customer experience in the signage industry. But it doesn’t end there. In an attention economy, we know that expert advice and information is another key to winning. So the aim of the Gemini Blog is to provide you insights, new ideas, and compelling stories that will help you build and grow long-lasting, trusted relationships with your customers. Let’s grow your business together!

Mastering Commercial Signage Lighting: Selection and Best Practices

​​​Lit signage attracts customers to your business by improving the visibility and effectiveness of the sign. ​​​​A well-lit sign not only draws attention but can…

Three Essential Tips For Commercial Signage Shops to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Competitive pricing and new products are not the only factors that drive customer loyalty for commercial signage shops in 2024. Providing a positive customer experience…

What to Consider in a Signage Installation Partner

The successful installation of a commercial sign, whether interior or exterior, depends heavily on the skill set of the installation team. Choosing the right commercial…

Replace or Repair: Tips for Updating Exterior Signage

Your customer wants to keep their existing outdoor signage, but they also know it needs a refreshed appearance. The colors have faded over time, or…

  • April 15, 2024
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Gemini’s Commitment to Community Award Recipient, Foster Progress

The Impact of Stewardship In community dedication and stewardship, Foster Progress stands alongside other dedicated non-profits throughout the US as a beacon of hope. Since…

  • April 12, 2024
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What I Knew About Plaques, and What I Know Now: Why Plaques Can Ignite Creativity in Sign Design

Nurture creativity through curiosity This guest blog is written by Mars Bravo from Signs from Mars.  I love learning random facts. I get a kick…

  • April 5, 2024
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