Six Reasons Why GemTrim™ Flex is the Best Trim Cap in the Industry

Looking for a product that outperforms in tight spots? Turn to Gemini GemTrim™ Flex trim cap, which offers increased flexibility for easier bending and forming.

When it comes to offering the best trim available, good enough is no longer good enough. Today’s sign shops need a combination of high performance and unmatched flexibility in order to truly grow their business and come out on top.

Expertly crafted by Gemini in its North America-based manufacturing plants, GemTrim Flex bonds easily, is UV stable, and won’t fade, crack, peel or delaminate. That’s high performance for you. GemTrim Flex is available in three widths (3/4-in., 1-in., and 2 in.) and is available in not only 31 standard colors but can be produced in an incredible array of custom colors, too.

And to top it off, GemTrim Flex is proven. For more than 20 years, Gemini has continued to refine and improve GemTrim Flex. That’s why it’s a hands-down, proven winner.

That’s why sign shops across North America keep coming back to GemTrim Flex (which is available through a network of industry-leading distributors, listed here) year after year. Sign shops know they can count on GemTrim Flex to help them provide the quality, service and responsiveness that their customers demand.

“End users love high-quality trim because it gives a sign a three-dimensional look, and more of a pop on the storefront,” said Dave Johnson, Product Manager at Gemini. “GemTrim Flex is such a versatile product. It really helps bolster a sign shop’s repertoire of offerings. In that sense, it’s really a no-brainer to carry.”

For sign shops that are ready to integrate the industry's best trim into their signage offerings, Gemini offers six reasons why GemTrim™ is right for you:

1 - Options, Options, and More Options

When using GemTrim Flex, sign shops enjoy the largest, most comprehensive line of standard products available in the market. GemTrim Flex comes in the colors and sizes that end-users desire to meet their unique needs. Check out Gemini’s extensive product offerings, here.

2 - Earth Friendly

More and more end-users are demanding that their signage is environmentally friendly. GemTrim Flex is constructed with Earth-friendly Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) and is UL-recognized for use in illuminated letters.

3 - Elite Customization

Where others lack the resources or drive to make sure sign shops have what they need to provide for their end-users, Gemini is committed to providing what other manufacturers simply can’t – or won’t. Whatever your end-user needs, Gemini has the infrastructure and capacity to help you provide it for your customer.

“What makes Gemini the most unique with regard to GemTrim Flex is our capacity for customization,” said Jeff Gazich, Channel Manager for Distribution Products Group at Gemini. “We receive so many inquiries and questions from customers, and the bottom line is we are willing to entertain any custom opportunity. It won’t cost a penny for us to provide our best assessment. We always do whatever we can to keep you supplying to your customers and bringing in business.”

4 - Listening to Feedback to Create Industry Best Trim

Without a doubt, the people who interact most often with trim cap are those who physically use it every day, to form it and bend it around a letter. From that standpoint, the flexible nature of GemTrim Flex makes it the absolute best on the market, protecting against sore hands and wrists and increasing efficiency by decreasing the amount of time it takes to finish jobs.

“When we would speak to the folks who assembled signs with Gemini’s previous trim line, they would say, ‘Your trim is a great product. You guys do a great job, your customer service and delivery are so good, and it's competitively priced…But it's a little stiff,’” said Gazich. “This meant that those who are working with our product eight hours a day, five days a week would get some soreness in their hands, their wrists, and their forearms. That was really important feedback for us to receive.”

Seeking an easier and more efficient trim from the standpoint of line operators, Gemini assembled a holistic top-to-bottom team to identify what needed to be done to go from providing a trim that was on par with the competition to crafting the industry's best trim.

This goal manifested itself in GemTrim Flex, which is the easiest trim in the industry to form around tight corners. It offers better adhesion, is easier to cut and make notches, and is more compatible with trim cap bending machines, making for a less strenuous and more efficient process.

“We were able to take a solid product and make it industry best, in a relatively short period of time,” said Gazich. “Now, we have the most desired product from the standpoint of the line operator. We have received so much positive feedback from that change. They just love it.”

5 - Never a Shortage

In this day and age, the number one thing that end-users are looking for – besides a quality product, of course – is fast and reliable lead times. Throughout the world’s recent difficulties with supply chain issues and material shortages, Gemini’s size and forward-thinking capabilities have allowed for fast and honest delivery of products, and virtually no supply chain issues.

“Even in the last two years and throughout the pandemic, we have never had a shortage. While our competitors were having supply issues, we just kept trucking along,” said Johnson. “Once a new distributor comes to us, or a new sign shop begins working with one of our distributors, they learn quickly that we are very reliable and stay true to our word.”

In a time where it can feel impossible to have control over your material availability, make sure you work with a manufacturer who thinks ahead and stays true to their promises – so you can, too.

6 - A Manufacturer That Has Your Back

In the signage industry, communication is key. You’ll want to work with a manufacturer who not only has the availability and expert knowledge to answer your questions as they arise, but who you know will always have your best interests in mind. This is exactly what sign shops get when they work with Gemini through an established distributor.

“A huge part of the Gemini package is that customers can always reach out to us and we are here for them. We go to great lengths to keep customers happy,” said Gazich. “I hear over and over again that our competitors are difficult to reach, but our team is made up of very experienced, talented people who don't let calls go into voicemail. We are always there to help troubleshoot any issues that our partners and customers are confronted with. That is something we are the proudest of as a company. At the end of the day, we always have our customers’ backs.”

Ease Your Mind and Increase Your Bottom Line: Introduce GemTrim Flex by Gemini Today

Gemini is partnered with industry-leading distributors to offer local availability of our products and faster response times. To view a list of distributors and learn more about GemTrim Flex, visit here.


Gemini is a wholesale manufacturer of solutions that identify, direct, and protect the world. For over 55 years, Gemini has been an industry leader producing made-to-order dimensional signage, plates, plaques, cast bronze memorials, industrial protective cases, and plastic parts. Gemini is a second-generation family-owned business headquartered in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, with production facilities throughout North America. For more information, visit 

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