30 Luxurious Bronze Plaques for Legacy Businesses

Precision Tooled Plaques: The Next Generation of Plaques

The Customer

The San Francisco Office of Small Businesses created the Legacy Business Program in 2015 to honor the entrepreneurial spirit and embrace local businesses contributing to San Francisco's history and identity. To qualify for the Legacy Business Program, each business must be located in San Francisco, be in operation for over 30 years, and be nominated by the mayor or a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors after applying. Once accepted into the Legacy Business Program, each business is provided a luxurious plaque to be displayed on the exterior building.

In 2020, the San Francisco Office of Small Business recognized more legacy members and ordered thirty additional plaques through Priority Architectural Graphics – an authorized Gemini partner. Due to their extensive signage experience, the company was a top choice for the program. Since its inception in 1995, Priority Architectural Graphics has installed thousands of interior and exterior graphics for over 500 clients. With their client-minded approach and deep understanding of signage products and services, they handle design, planning, project management, permitting, and installation.

Keeping a "friction-free" process in mind, they searched for possible manufacturers to partner with during the bidding process. Even as a full-service sign shop, they turned to Gemini Inc. because of their 60-year expertise, large order capacity, and level of customer commitment. As a premier manufacturer of plaques, Gemini provided the consultation Priority Architectural Graphics needed for the project.

The Vision

Priority Architectural Graphics requested thirty plaques, all needing to seamlessly integrate with various building facades while illustrating brief anecdotes regarding their historic value. The plaques also needed to pair with the aesthetic of the existing Legacy Business Program plaques already on display. With many moving parts and a request for over ten signs, Priority Architectural Graphics leveraged Gemini’s Large Project Team. Utilized for projects with ten signs or more, considering the size, features, and applicable mounting hardware that worked with various exteriors, Gemini’s Large Project Team allowed Priority to focus on what’s important, the customer.

Photo courtesy of Priority Architectural Graphics

Photo courtesy of Priority Architectural Graphics

The Design

Priority Architectural Graphics explained, “The Small Business Commission really wanted to make sure they were delivering something of substance and luxury.” They emphasized that they were looking for a plaque that could showcase “lots of tiny text” and it needed to be “legible, readable, and sharp.”  “We were trying to find a Goldilocks plaque that was the perfect size and weight, that was both easy to handle and install,” stated Juliana Choy Sommer, president of Priority Architectural Graphics. It was also important to find a well-protected exterior material that could last for years.

Turning to the experts in plaques, Gemini recommended their precision tooled plaques for the project. This method uses high-speed CNC routers to mill sheet metal. Gemini’s precision tooled plaques provide faster production times and are generally more cost-effective than cast plaques alternatives. Precision tooled plaques also allow for more design flexibility and offer easier installation. Combined with crisp, striking detailing and various finish options, this was the best manufacturing method for the project.

Photo courtesy of Priority Architectural Graphics

All thirty plaques needed to have a uniform design while effortlessly fitting in with various business storefronts. Priority Architectural Graphics created a cohesive look by selecting 15-inch, round precision tooled plaques in bronze. To ensure a timeless appearance, the bronze plaques had a brown sand background, brushed surface finish, and black satin paint for the recessed areas, raised bronze for the text, and intricate border art. Priority Architectural Graphics opted for a 1/4-inch thickness and blind stud mounting, emphasizing a sleek yet sturdy profile. Together, they created an ageless appearance to serve as a unique marker on varying business storefronts. Priority Architectural Graphics added a custom request with the labeling to ensure they were able to discern where the plaques should go.

The Result

The design was transferred to production and was ordered on time. The manufacturing process was easily handled and had no issues throughout the manufacturing process. Thirty new, high-quality plaques were installed at several San Francisco businesses to recognize the Legacy Business Program for years to come. Gemini’s Lifetime Guarantee assured the client that should the product break or fade, the plaque would be taken care of. The luxurious plaques provided the level of crisp detailing the San Francisco Office of Small Businesses desired, each honoring the essence and lush history and legacy of each small business. Priority Architectural Graphics stated, “The customer is thrilled, thinks the plaques look fantastic and is very proud of them. The individual storefront owners also love them. Everybody is ‘just tickled.’”

Photo courtesy of Priority Architectural Graphics

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Gemini provides deep expertise in sign manufacturing, and with a portfolio of materials and resources, they can help sign professionals find the right dimensional sign for the project. Dive into our capabilities or become a partner for free.

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