Designed for Success: Crafting Impactful Signage

The effectiveness of commercial signage is in the details. Delivering a design that stands out and represents a brand well can hinge on several critical factors. Considerations like the legibility of a special font from a distance or the sign’s mounting and placement all play a role in creating an effective sign. Just one overlooked angle or material choice could take a design from a showstopper to an accidental flop.  

Considerations for Effective Commercial Signage Design

Designing a commercial sign requires aesthetics and functionality to work together to capture attention and clearly convey information. When beginning your design, it’s important to get started by evaluating the space where the sign will be installed. Are there any competing visual distractions or obstructions? Do you notice any odd angles as you approach the space? How’s the lighting? Each of these elements plays a vital role in crafting signage that not only meets the practical needs of guiding and informing but also supports the installation efforts when the sign is mounted.

Dimensional letter signage on outdoor monument

Dimensional Letter Signage: Adding Depth to Branding   

The sign should make a statement, and dimensional letters are a dynamic way to make a business pop. Consider how you can use dimensional elements in the creative application to deliver a tactile and visually appealing experience. Various metals are often used in dimensional signage to achieve a sense of sophistication and depth that flat signage doesn’t achieve. 

Selecting Signage Fonts: Clarity Meets Style

One of the most regretted design elements of commercial signage is the font choice. Considerations like distance, background colors, and lighting all play a part. Within the design itself, choosing a font that is optimally spaced between letters is critical to ensuring legibility. Use your experience to guide your customer with font options that keep the design aligned with their vision and brand and provide the most effective sign for the end user. Gemini Senior Layout Artist Linda Lopez offers advice on font choice, “For instance, elegant script fonts may suit indoor signage, while bold, simple fonts are best for outdoor signs where legibility from a distance is key. 

Delicate script font on branded signage

Incorporating Braille Signage: Enhancing Accessibility

Inclusion and accessibility are table stakes in today’s business landscape. Consider what rooms, buildings, or other spaces need to be easily identifiable and create a list. Remember to include Braille signage for office name plates, exterior wayfinding plaques, and conference rooms which are easily overlooked Choose a material that will provide the durability needed on a high-touch surface,” says Linda. Precision tooled metal plaques in aluminum, bronze, and brass are durable and do not use loose beads in the manufacturing process, which makes them a great option for public spaces.”

Accessible Braille signage for public spaces

Alternative Materials: Detailing with Precision Tooled Plaques

Evaluate alternative materials as part of your design process. Signage that is viewed up close requires an elevated level of fine details and exceptional craftsmanship. If the project is indoors or the design is part of an upscale exterior application, precision tooled plaques are a smart design choice. Made from bronze, brass, or aluminum with 11 different finishes available, this is a great option for achieving an elegant look. These are often used at universities,  government buildings, or memorials because precision tooled plaques offer unmatched capability for fine lines and are durable. Linda’s advice: “Consider reaching beyond typical applications and explore custom shapes, inserts, and coatings like UV Colorlast. One of the best features of precision tooled plaques is that they’re highly customizable. And, because Gemini’s production methods are best-in-class, we can help you achieve an out-of-the-box idea that will bring the design to life.”  

Elegant precision tooled plaque signage for premium branding.

Finalize the Design

By focusing on these key areas—dimension, font, accessibility, and material choice, you will gain an understanding of your customers' unique needs and challenges. This is key to creating signage solutions that exceed their expectations and highlight their brand or business. Collaboration with experts at Gemini can provide you with the resources, materials, and inspiration needed to deliver. Learn how to become a Gemini partner here.

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