Duets by Gemini™: High Quality Premium Engraved Substrates to Bring Your Sign Shop to the Next Level

For sign shops seeking high-performance engraving, ADA and architectural substrates, Duets by Gemini ™ offers an all-encompassing solution. Get where you need to go as a sign shop with the industry’s fastest-growing selection of premium engraving and ADA substrates, today.

Over the years, sign shops have turned time and time again to Gemini and its line of high-performing engraving, ADA and architectural substrates – Duets by Gemini™.

For many sign shops, Duets by Gemini has become a go-to source to meet the needs of customers who need name badges, wayfinding signage, ADA compliant material identifying rooms, and even lockout tags for equipment in industrial applications.

Duets by Gemini has built a strong reputation among sign shops for its high quality (produced in the Gemini’s state-of-the-art class 10000 cleanroom) and consistency (in terms of color, finish and thickness. When it comes to the world of high-performing substrates, Duets by Gemini™ is hard to beat.

With all of the possibilities that Duets offers, navigating the world of premium engraving and ADA substrates has never been easier. To help sign shops serve their customers better, the signage experts at Gemini offer insights as to how Duets by Gemini, available through a trusted network of Gemini-authorized distributors throughout North America, can improve their business, starting from the first order.

So, what are Duets by Gemini™?

Developed by Gemini, the industry leader in the wholesale manufacture of dimensional letters, logos and plaques, Duets by Gemini™ is the industry’s fastest-growing selection of premium engraving and ADA substrates for signage, award, recognition, and engraving applications. Backed by the industry’s leading partner network of distributors, order turnaround times are excellent.

Duets by Gemini™ is designed to offer a wide range of options to sign shops, so you’ll never have to turn away business for lack of capability. The Duets line includes the following options:

  • Duets Selects Ultra Flat/Single Pass – sheet quality substrate offering superior flatness for single pass lasering or rotary engraving
  • Duets Ultimates Reverse – clear, matte-finish top layer, UV stable reserve engraving material
  • Duets Textures High Traffic – Super durable, lightly textured finish designed for high touch/high traffic environments
  • Duets Tactiles ADA & Applique – ideal ADA wayfinding substrate
  • Duets Laser XT Reverse – a sturdy, 2-play engraving substrate
  • And much more.

From indoor, outdoor, flexible, durable, ultra-flat and high traffic options, there is a Duets line fit for every project.

Applications for Duets by Gemini™

While new applications of Duets by Gemini are being developed all the time, Duets is most frequently used for name badges, wayfinding signage, ADA compliant material identifying rooms, and lockout tags.

Each line of Duets is customized to meet the aesthetic and environmental demands of unique applications, so whether your end-user needs translucent acrylic sheets for wayfinding signage in a pool environment; durable material to resist high-touch, high-traffic environments; or a flexible, thin product for award engravings, Duets can meet the need.

To view which product line is best suited to your application, visit www.DuetsbyGemini.com/Products/

duets engraving substrate manufacturing

Why Gemini?

There are many reasons why offering Duets by Gemini™ will set your sign shop apart from the competition, but to start, here are four:

How It’s Made Matters – Not all signs are equal, because not all processes are equal. Gemini uses a state-of-the-art class 10000 (ISO 7) manufacturing cleanroom to manufacture its signage, which uses positive pressure to draw every particle in the room upward to prevent dust from embedding into the material. Optimizing conditions with constant, precise airflow and positive pressure, the Gemini cleanroom allows for:

  • Precise dimensional tolerances
  • Tightly controlled color and finish uniformity
  • Exacting quality and engraving performance standards

These ideal conditions allow sign shops to consistently provide the highest quality product possible, allowing them to build a reliable customer base built on trust and a commitment to producing extraordinary signage.

Limitless Options Allow for Unmatched Opportunity – By offering the industry’s fastest-growing selection of premium engraving and ADA substrates, the possibilities are endless with Duets by Gemini™. Just last year, Duets by Gemini™ expanded its product offerings by releasing three completely new product lines: Duets® Selects, Duets Ultimates™ Reverse, and Duets® Textures.
If you can imagine it, the odds are that Gemini can make it happen. Get a free preview of all the options available when you order a binder, get free color swatch chips, or test samples, available at DuetsbyGemini.com.

Fast Pace, and Quick Availability – With supply chain issues sweeping the globe, it can feel impossible to build a reputation for timeliness, efficiency, and staying true to your promised lead times. But when you work with an established distributor offering Duets by Gemini™, you can rest assured that material issues will not stand in the way of your ability to deliver to your end-user.

“With Gemini's vision and forward-looking planning efforts, we are having few, if any, supply chain issues,” said Jeff Gazich, Channel Manager for Distribution Products Group at Gemini. “Sign shops that used to go elsewhere for their sign components haven't been able to get them. Now, they come to Gemini and we have made it very easy for them to consistently receive the materials they need.”

The Customer Comes First…Period – Since its inception in 1963, Gemini has written the book on what it means to prioritize customers. That means no jumping through hoops, no seeing profit above relationships, and no-nonsense.

“Customization, listening to customers, identifying the requirements, having a real strong sense for what the customer needs from us, that’s what makes Gemini who we are,” said Gazich. “So, why Duets? Because Gemini does business right, in every way, shape, and form. That philosophy will continue to serve us, and by extension, the sign shops who use our product, very well in the future.”

How can you get Duets by Gemini™?

Duets by Gemini™ is made available through an extensive network of trusted distributors. Find a distributor near you, here.

Duets by Gemini™: A Better Choice

Whatever possibilities you can imagine, Duets by Gemini™ can get you there. To explore a world of premium rotary and laser engraving substrates and ADA plastic sheet stock, made true, view www.DuetsbyGemini.com.

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