Gemini’s Basics On Flat Cut Metal

Custom-made metal signage for your next investment

At Gemini, our flat cut metal letters and logos accentuate detailed designs, backed by enduring quality and style. For indoor or outdoor signage, flat cut metal gives you flexibility for your signage projects.

What Is Flat Cut Metal?

Flat cut metal products are dimensional, precision-cut letters and logos on a solid sheet of metal. By using laser cutting technology, CNC, and water jets, we are able to create thin, more exact stroke lines to replicate intricate designs. Dependent on size, flat cut metal products come in single pieces. Flat cut metal is precise, durable, and versatile for many signage projects. It can be installed indoors or outdoors for a strong look. Flat cut metal pieces are entirely manufactured in-house for quality assurance and tested to last a lifetime, or we will replace them for free, guaranteed.

Where To Use Flat Cut Metal?

Often used for identification, flat cut metal is multifaceted and excellent for branding and architectural, directional, and regulatory signage. Need to locate a stadium to attend a game, a new office building, a restaurant, or an apartment complex? Flat cut metal signage directs where people need to go. It instills confidence in locating their destination, serves as an arm of a business or institution, and increases brand visibility

Is Flat Cut Metal Customizable? 

Flat cut metal products are fully made to order with an extensive selection of materials and finishing for your signage needs.

Metal Materials and Finishes
Choose from 6 metal materials in various finishes

  • Aluminum – in brushed, anodized, painted color, or Rust Powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel – in brushed or polished finish
  • Brass – in brushed, polished, or oxidized finish
  • Copper – in brushed, polished, or oxidized finish
  • Bronze - in brushed, polished, or oxidized finish
  • Cor-Ten steel

Paint finish
We have a variety of paint colors available and offer custom paint matching.

For custom paint colors, send in your paint name or number and brand of paint, and we will obtain a mixing formula at no cost to you. If you do not have a paint name or number and want a color match, we will need at least a 3-inch by 3-inch sample. For a cost, our paint lab will run an exact color match process.

As you begin creating your vision, you’ll want to consider where your sign will be installed. Environmental conditions may affect the metal surface and display of your signage over time. We recommend and offer treatments on specific flat cut metal materials to prevent impurities like corrosion to seal your signage products for a long-lasting install.

Dimension specifications
Minimum and Maximum Heights

  • ½ inch to 95 inches in height
  • Over 95 inches in height come in multiple pieces


  • Six thicknesses | 1/8 inch, ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 inch


  • A comprehensive selection of standard fonts to choose from or send in your custom font or logo.


  • All flat cut metal products offer a choice of mounting hardware and corresponding patterns. We provide mountings and installation patterns with your order to make it easier for you to display your made-to-order signage.

For our partners, we invest in advancing technologies, capabilities, and materials to support your business. Visit Gemini's Partner Portal to learn more about flat cut metal products, receive an instant quote from TrueQuote, or discover more helpful resources for product information, mounting, and installation in Gemini’s Resource Library.


Gemini is a wholesale manufacturer of solutions that identify, direct, and protect the world. For over 55 years, Gemini has been an industry leader producing made-to-order dimensional signage, plates, plaques, cast bronze memorials, industrial protective cases, and plastic parts. Gemini is a second-generation family-owned business headquartered in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, with production facilities throughout North America. For more information, visit 

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