Gemini’s Commitment to Community Award Recipient, Foster Progress

The Impact of Stewardship

In community dedication and stewardship, Foster Progress stands alongside other dedicated non-profits throughout the US as a beacon of hope. Since its establishment in 2016, this organization has been a guiding light for young people transitioning from foster care to higher education. Their initiatives, ranging from mentorship programs to scholarships, play a crucial role in shaping bright futures in the Chicago area.  

Recently honored in August 2023 with Gemini’s Commitment to Community Award, Foster Progress was pleasantly surprised to be among the finalists and deeply humbled to win the inaugural award. The $10,000 donation has empowered Foster Progress to enhance their visibility through impactful social media campaigns, furthering their credibility, and attracting more support. 

Gemini’s Commitment to Community Award

Last year, Gemini launched the inaugural award that embodies one of their core values, stewardship. The award provides recognition of non-profits demonstrating exceptional dedication and positive impact within their communities.  

The Commitment to Community Award nomination process began with authorized Gemini re-sellers nominating a local non-profit that makes a difference. In 2023, over 130 501-c3 organizations were nominated for the award. The Commitment to Community Award committee reviewed each nomination and selected three finalists. Then, through rallying votes online, the finalist with the most votes was honored with the award. Gemini, in partnership with the authorized re-seller who nominated them, manufactured signs for each finalist. In addition, they received a $2,500 donation.

Foster Progress was nominated by The Sign Palace. The other finalists, The Littlest Heroes and Clothes To Kids, were nominated by Sign-Age and Becker Signs. All three organizations reflect the spirit of community stewardship and upliftment. After assessing their outstanding commitment to empowering foster care youth, Foster Progress received well-deserved recognition. 

Foster Progress: Belief in Community Action

At the heart of Foster Progress lies a profound belief in the transformative power of stewardship. Foster Progress matches foster care youth with mentors, guiding them through pivotal stages like high school completion and college preparation. Each mentoring session provides invaluable guidance, rewards these individuals with scholarship funds, and aligning with their belief in empowering future leaders. Youth also have access to and are encouraged to participate in the following: 

  • Traverse Program: Nurturing youth potential by providing direction through service projects and travel opportunities, shaping tomorrow's community leaders. 
  • Training & Workshops: Equipping professionals—caseworkers, caregivers, and educators—with essential knowledge through tailored workshops covering critical topics like understanding trauma's impact on educational outcomes and navigating financial aid for foster youth. This commitment empowers those influencing young lives. 

Foster Progress also advocates for systemic change, removing barriers in the child welfare system and influencing policies at the state and federal levels. They remain committed to program growth, fundraising, and grants. Their focus is expanding the mentoring program to accommodate more students. Winning the award acknowledges their efforts and reaffirms their commitment to the foster care community. With upcoming projects like FAFSA support and a spring fundraiser, Foster Progress is set to continue its impactful journey. 

Gemini’s Commitment to Service 

Each year, Gemini actively engages in making a positive difference in local communities through charitable giving, volunteering, and engaging with communities. 

The Commitment to Community Award will return in 2024 to acknowledge more non-profits that have made a significant impact. Organizations like Foster Progress, The Littlest Heroes, Clothes To Kids, and others alike help shape brighter futures and transform communities.  

To learn more about Gemini’s Commitment to Community Award, go to

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