10 Ways to Easily Showcase Your Projects

When showcasing your signage project, there is nothing quite like captivating photographs and videos to attract new business and highlight your expertise. By following a few techniques and practices, you can ensure your projects get the attention they deserve.

Take Time to Document Your Projects: Strive for Quality Photography and Videos

You don’t need expensive or complicated equipment for quality photography and videos. While it can be nice, you only need a smartphone. Most smartphones can produce sharp and detailed images, depending on the quality and type of camera. You can also improve and customize your photographs with various apps and filters that are affordable and easy to use.

An additional way to make your signage projects stand out is to create videos that capture the design, manufacturing, or installation process. Video content can create a more engaging and immersive experience for your viewers, showcasing movement, animation, or interactive features. Videos can also highlight the visibility and impact from different angles and distances.  With photographs or videos, good, natural lighting is needed to make the most of the colors and textures in your signage.

Tip: A tripod can be used to achieve different perspectives and help the composition of your photograph tell a story.

Additional equipment you may want to consider is a tripod. A tripod can hold your smartphone or camera steady and prevents the camera from moving. This is especially important when you’re shooting in low-light conditions. When choosing a tripod, it’s essential to pick one that is sturdy enough to support the camera you are using.


Tip: Lighting should be bright and evenly lit.

Lighting is one of the most essential elements of quality photography and video. It can affect the mood, tone, and how your work is appreciated by viewers. Good lighting can highlight the design, shape, and color of the signage, creating a sense of depth and dimension. Poor lighting can make the signage look dull, flat, or distorted, reducing its impact and appeal. Always pay close attention to the source, direction, intensity, and quality of the light when taking photographs of your signage.

Create a Story with the Process

You can create stories with your photographs or videos by showing before and after shots, changing the perspectives, or highlighting fine details. These five simple methods can be used to attract potential customers and make your photographs and video stand out.

Take Before and After Shots

Taking before and after photos or videos can be a great way for you to showcase the transformation and impact your work has on a business. You can tell a story by capturing images of the worn-out signage or blank space, then comparing them to the fresh, eye-catching new signage. Before and after photos can make a lasting impression and help attract new customers.

When you’re capturing before and after photos, ensure they are of the same quality. By using the same time of day and the same general composition, you can highlight the transformation of your signage instead of the difference in photo quality.


Use a Variety of Perspectives While Focusing on the Signage

One way to make your photographs and videos more appealing is by using different perspectives to add dimension and create distinction. You can use any elevated platform, such as a ladder or a drone, to get a bird’s-eye view of your signage and show its scale and context. Alternatively, you can lie on the ground and tilt your camera upward to make it more dramatic.

Capture Close-Up Details

Tip: Backgrounds should be solid and clear.

Capturing close-up details of a project in your photographs or videos can add considerable value to your portfolio. By accentuating intricate design elements, unique textures, and compelling graphics, you can highlight the craftsmanship and artistry involved in your project.

Daytime and Nighttime Shots

Tip: For optimal daytime/nighttime photographs or videos, ensure you capture photographs or videos with the same composition.

With daytime and nighttime photographs, you can illustrate the versatility and effectiveness of the signage. It also allows potential customers to envision the impact it will have on their business or project.

To capture these dynamic shots, you’ll need to adjust your camera setting to account for the change in lighting conditions. Pay attention to the way the lighting elements interact with their surroundings and experiment with different angles to achieve your desired effect.

Environmental Context

Showing context with wide-angle shots is a great way to highlight your work. You can demonstrate how the signage complements and enhances its surroundings.

Share Your Work to Inspire Your Customers

Each of these tips can help you create stories around your signage manufacturing, designing, and installation process. You can use photographs and videos to showcase your work, but it’s crucial to share them so you can create conversations and inspire your customers. Here are our four tips:

Tip 1# Maintain Consistent Branding

To create a unified and polished appearance for your project photographs, you should maintain consistent branding throughout your images. Your photographs and videos should match your brand. This means using a similar style with edits or other assets. Consistent branding will help you solidify your identity and reputation. It will also make your photographs more recognizable to potential customers.

Tip 2# Create or Update Your Online Portfolio

Your website is your greatest online asset. It is your virtual storefront and should preview your services and expertise. An online portfolio allows you to showcase the quality of your projects, your creativity, and your unique style to potential customers. Being able to present a visually appealing and interactive display of your work also increases your credibility and attractiveness as a signage professional. Take a peek at our online gallery here.

Tip 3# Share Client Testimonials with Your Work

In any industry, fostering trust is vital to success. A great way to do this is to display customer testimonials alongside your project photos. These provide powerful social proof, influence buying choices, and attract more leads, referrals, and repeat customers. Testimonials are a great way to showcase your eagerness to partner with your customers and go beyond the ordinary to create a unique result and fulfill your customer’s vision.

Tip 4# Establish a Social Media Presence

Tip: Encourage your customers to engage with your videos and photographs by tagging them in your posts about their new signage.

You can use social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, to share your work and connect with potential customers. You can also share customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and helpful tips. By regularly updating your profiles with relevant, engaging, and useful content, you can grow your social media presence.


Capturing photographs and creating videos are the best ways to impress potential clients with your expertise and share fun projects you get to work on. By taking the time to document and share your work, you can drastically increase your company’s awareness and build your social currency.

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