Exploring the Advantages of Dimensional Signage

Creating unique, custom signs that perfectly capture your customer’s unique style and brand is an exciting challenge. It’s important to not only make the sign look great but to make sure it's impactful for the business and useful for its customers. Dimensional signage is one of the best ways to accomplish both goals. 

These signs capture attention in ways 2D signage simply can't. By standing out – literally – they enhance brand recognition and create a memorable impression. 

Material Selection for Dimensional Letter Signage

Material selection for dimensional letter signage in commercial applications is important for aesthetic appeal and durability. Materials need to be selected based on whether the sign will be displayed indoors or outdoors, taking into consideration factors like, weather resistance and maintenance requirements.  

When ordering signs through Gemini, various material options are available and offer distinct advantages. Careful material selection will ensure the final product is stylish, durable, and effective.


Known for its versatility and sleek appearance, acrylic is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications with the option to add lighting. Acrylic also allows for extensive color matching capability and UV Colorlast coating to capture stunning detail.  

Formed Plastics

Formed plastic is an optimal choice for achieving deep dimensions that flat cut acrylic may not achieve. It’s available in a plethora of finishes and can also be painted with unlimited color options. Plus it’s fade resistant, and UV stable, so it will stand up to outdoor applications easily. 


Valued for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, aluminum is a common choice for outdoor signs due to its resistance to rust and weathering.  

Stainless Steel

Offering a high-end look, design flexibility, and exceptional durability, stainless steel is suitable for dimensional signage in both indoor and outdoor applications.  

Each material choice should align with the specific needs of the signage's intended location and the brand's visual identity.  

Personalize Metal Letter Art: A Touch of Uniqueness

A fusion of creativity and brand identity, personalized metal letter signs go beyond traditional applications. Through custom design elements, fonts, and materials, dimensional letter signage can be used as a focal point to draw attention to physical spaces and showcase a customer’s brand authenticity and originality.

rusted metal signage shaped like a horse standing out from a stone wall
image of flat cut metal sign for Lamar State College on a office wall

Custom Dimensional Signage at Any Angle

Placement should be thoughtfully determined early in the project before the design is finalized. Is the building’s façade partially blocked by traffic? Is the font or color going to stand out amongst others in a busy shopping plaza? 

Working through considerations like viewing angles, lighting conditions, and the architectural context of the location is a critical part of the process.  

Exterior signage serves functional purposes, like wayfinding for example. But these signs are not just about being seen; they are about being recognized and remembered. The creative combination of design elements like lighting, paint, materials, depth, and more ensures dimensional signage serves as a communication tool by telling a business's story. 

When you're getting started with your customer, ensure you don’t miss any important considerations for your project:  

  • Product budget and schedule .  
  • Local ordinances, federal codes, and signed regulations, including ADA requirements.  
  • Engineering and technical requirements, including site requirements. 
  • Environment: Is the sign going to be indoors or outdoors? UV exposure and weather directly relate to material choice. 
  • Consider readability, visibility, placement, obstacles, and traffic patterns. This relates to size and design parameters.  
  • Aesthetics, font selection, logos, graphics, and brand style guidelines. 
  • Color interaction and the sign’s relationship with its surroundings.  
  • Light sources, brightness, and electrical requirements and codes. 

Have a unique sign or project and not sure how to go about it? 

Gemini’s approach can help make your customer’s vision come to life. From sourcing alternative materials to offering solutions on sizing, mounting, or lighting, our team can help achieve your goals. Dive deeper into Gemini’s capabilities by exploring our product offering or visit our gallery for more inspiration. 

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