Three Essential Tips For Commercial Signage Shops to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Competitive pricing and new products are not the only factors that drive customer loyalty for commercial signage shops in 2024. Providing a positive customer experience is quickly emerging as a key factor in overall project satisfaction. By concentrating on three simple areas of the customer experience, you'll build trust and loyalty that outperform the competition. 

 1. Take a Problem-Solving Approach

No two sign projects are the same, and no one knows this better than commercial signage professionals. Start by helping your customer learn more about the must-have components for their design and dive into the details. Think through the nuances of their project, such as maintaining brand compliance, where the sign will be installed, or choosing the best lighting options for their sign’s placement. 

Custom commercial signage manufacturing

If issues arise, whether related to design, installation, or material choice, take a solution-first approach. Establish your standards for response time and define processes for achieving a quick resolution. This will allow you to address concerns swiftly and keep the project moving forward. Utilize project management tools, like those found exclusively in Gemini's Partner Portal, to help you keep track of all interactions and issues, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

2. Clear Communication and Up Front Expectations

When customers are well-informed and kept up-to-date, they’ll be confident in the project’s success.  Set clear expectations at the start of the project by providing detailed information about what steps customers can expect in the ordering process. Consider including specifics about the creative design and review process, the manufacturing process, and the delivery or installation of the final product. 

Signage professional planning a design

Communicate with your customers when they can expect to receive each deliverable and what new information you’ll share at each step of the process. From detailing the scope of work to providing accurate timelines, clear communication prevents misunderstandings, bolsters customer confidence, and builds your sign shop's reputation for great customer service. 

Equally important for great communication are proactive order updates. Schedule a recurring check-in meeting to review progress or any new changes to the project. This ensures that you and your customer have a plan to connect regularly and keep the project moving. 

3. Share Your Business Acumen

Understanding the economics of sign production and market dynamics will help you offer more value to your customers. This includes knowing how to price products competitively and deciding whether to make the project in-house or buy from a manufacturer.

Signage design meeting

Use your expertise to identify opportunities to maximize your customer’s budget. For example, identifying and using alternative materials or quantities could contribute to cost savings for your customers while still achieving their goal. 

Keep Gemini's resource library bookmarked as a technical resource at your fingertips. Here, you’ll find material specifications, product drawings, mounting and installation instructions, and more on Gemini products. Plus, our authorized partners have exclusive access to resources and information through our Partner Portal which provides support for questions and order information. 

These essentials provide the key to unlocking an exceptional customer experience. Adopting these three best practices will help you stand out from the competition and add value to your services beyond the project’s pricing. 

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