Mastering Commercial Signage Lighting: Selection and Best Practices

Lit signage attracts customers to your business by improving the visibility and effectiveness of the sign. A well-lit sign not only draws attention but can increase foot traffic to your business. Below are a few ways to optimize your business signage by customizing lighting techniques and design principles for your next project. 

Choosing the Right Lighting Style 

When evaluating lighting sources, there are several options. Consider which is best for your customer’s project based on the sign’s material, design, placement, and intended purpose. For example, our popular face lit signs are highly visible at a distance and are excellent for catching the eye in low-light conditions. They work well for simple, bold designs. Equally desirable, halo lighting is chosen for its readability and aesthetic appeal, providing even illumination that reduces shadows making it ideal for signs with complex designs or stylized fonts. 

Lighting Design for Maximum Impact 

Along with choosing the best lighting source is selecting the optimal lighting design. This is an important factor to ensure the sign is free of shadows or glares that could impact legibility. Take into consideration that illumination options can differ based on the sign’s material, then evaluate which is right for the project based on the sign’s intended purpose. Classic color options like cool white and warm white are available, or the full RGB spectrum of LED lighting can be applied to match a brand’s signature color.  

Face Lit: Available on Lit Acrylic and Lit Formed Plastic, face lit applications use LEDs as a light source projecting through a translucent plastic layer. When illuminated, the result is a glowing, diffused effect. 


Detailed view of Face lighting on business sign
LED illuminated commercial sign at night

Halo Lit: Halo illumination creates a soft glow around the back edge of dimensional letters and logos, creating unique profiles with depth and permanence. This lighting option is available on various materials including cast metal, fabricated metal, lit acrylic, and lit formed plastic. 

Side Lit: The selective placement of LEDs inside lit applications creates a beautiful glow around the edge of the letters. Designed to provide a flush acrylic extension to the metal, this look is achieved by fitting stainless steel or aluminum can lights with translucent white acrylic for a soft return lit effect. 

sit lit signage
illuminated Blade Sign

Specialty Lit: Specialty lighting allows you to combine different lighting styles like face and halo lit to bring specialty shapes and sizes to life. Available across all illuminated product options, specialty lit applications are especially effective on blade signs. Attached to a surface perpendicular to traffic flow, blade signs are often illuminated on both the front and back, and strategically placed to capture the attention of passersby.  

By integrating these signage lighting strategies, an illuminated commercial sign will ensure a memorable impression. For a full guide to Gemini lighting options at your fingertips, visit our website. 

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