At Gemini, our goal is to help our customers grow their businesses. The partnership we offer our customers begins with high quality, in-demand signage products and the best, most incredible, easy-to-work-with customer experience in the signage industry. But it doesn’t end there. In an attention economy, we know that expert advice and information is another key to winning. So the aim of the Gemini Blog is to provide you insights, new ideas, and compelling stories that will help you build and grow long-lasting, trusted relationships with your customers. Let’s grow your business together!

Gemini’s Basics On Flat Cut Metal

Custom-made metal signage for your next investment At Gemini, our flat cut metal letters and logos accentuate detailed designs, backed by enduring quality and style….

  • July 29, 2022
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Q&A with Fred Oss: Future of the Signage Industry and Gemini’s Plan to Lead Through Innovation

When it’s all too easy to run merrily through the same process day-in and day-out, somebody needs to push the envelope. Gemini, a second-generation family-owned…

Duets by Gemini™: High Quality Premium Engraved Substrates to Bring Your Sign Shop to the Next Level

For sign shops seeking high-performance engraving, ADA and architectural substrates, Duets by Gemini ™ offers an all-encompassing solution. Get where you need to go as…

  • June 24, 2022
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Grow and Diversify Your Business Offerings with Gemini Plaques and Plates

Plaques and plates offer sign shops an incredible opportunity to meet the complete needs of their customers, serving as one-stop source for signage needs. Don’t…

Expand Your Sign Shop’s Versatility and Profitability with Interior Laminate Signage

Interior laminate signage is a classy yet cost-effective solution for customers that seek to convey a professional, sophisticated image. For signage shops, interior laminate signage…

  • April 6, 2022
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Drive More Business to Your Sign Shop by Embracing Lit Signage

More and more customers are demanding illuminated signage. Follow these tips to increase your revenues and serve your customers better. Illuminated (or lit) signage, at…

  • April 6, 2022
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